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Start with these 14 questions to decide if you need to spend more time and money on KM. Read more here.

You know KM has potential to improve your law firm, what now?

Starting out - a 5 step plan to get you started.

Help! I’ve been put in charge of knowledge!

Why and when would my law firm need KM? What are the benefits?

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What is everyone else doing in KM?

Learn what other law firms are doing in KM with my series of interviews with various Heads of Knowledge. Click here for more.

Get strategic with a KM plan.

Stop wasting money - use tried and tested techniques to improve knowledge sharing and flow. Read more here.

A Knowledge Vision for your KM strategy will keep you on track - read more in this download.

If you need help, I can help you with training, textbooks, coaching or advice.

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